About 4FIS

4FIS is a student organization, which was founded under the auspices of the Faculty of informatics and statistics. Currently, we have more than 30 members – students, who decided to make our faculty a better place. A place, where academic life meets social life. We organize many different lectures and workshops, introduction courses for first-year bachelor students, various leisure time activities, and a lot more.

Why become a member

Visible results

Do you want to affect your surrounding environment and see the results? 4FIS is just the right place. Considering the Faculty of informatics and statistics is our partner, there are no barriers to discussing (and possibly also realizing) whatever idea you may have. This is how – for instance – the project Kruhy originated.

Group of people who are here for you

As 4FIS we do not just do things that help the faculty grow. We are primarily a group of friends who want to have fun during the lectures, workshops, and all the other activities.

Latest news

Do you also hate when you are the last person to learn about all the latest news concerning the faculty? Then 4FIS membership is just for you.
You will always know about all the activities we organize together with our partners, so you will not miss anything ever again.

What we do at 4FIS

Educational events

Together with our partners we organize a number of lectures and workshops intended (not only) for students of our faculty. These events are focused primarily on information technologies, demographics, statistics, but also graphics, or gaming. During the educational events we give participants the opportunity to gain both basic and advanced knowledge of the topic. This knowledge can later be used for instance at work or during studies.

Leisure events

Leisure events are a way for students to unwind, take a break from the academic life, and also socialize a bit. There is plenty of events to choose from – beer pong, faculty concerts, foosball tournaments, pub quizzes, and a lot more. Everyone can find what they like. People from other faculties or universities are also welcome as we want to support friendly relationships between all students.

Introduction courses

In order to make the transition from high school to university as smooth as possible, we organize introduction courses. There the future freshmen get to know each other, which makes their first weeks at the university much more pleasant. Introduction courses take place in a sports complex of the University of Economics located in Dobronice u Bechyně.


For those who want to get to know even more of their fellow students we have created a project called Kruhy (Circles). Participants are divided into groups of roughly ten people based on their field of study and schedule. A guide (an older, more experienced student) is assigned to each group and helps the freshmen get through their first semester.

Section leaders

  • Váša

    Educational events

  • Míla

    Leisure events

  • Karel


  • Viki

    Kruhy (Circles)

  • Šárka


  • Hynek


Become a member

Have we convinced you to become one of us? Then feel free to contact us!