For partners

4FIS is a student organization with by far the biggest reach at the Faculty of informatics and statistics. On top of that, our events are regularly visited by students from other faculties of the University of Economics, as well as students from other universities in Prague.
Each year we grow, reach more students, and enter partnerships with other student organizations and companies. Years spent at the university are about getting to know new people, about cooperation, acquiring knowledge, experience, and contacts that will be invaluable in our future career and life.
We strive to help students with each of these aspects throughout their studies.

Why become our partner

Projects and workshops

We can provide you with an opportunity to create and carry out new projects, workshops, or concepts – all in a dynamic student environment and in cooperation with your organization.


Our wide reach within the university allows you to promote your organization or product among the diverse student community.

Potential employees

Internships, trainee programs, or interesting job offers for students – we can provide you with the opportunity to present yourself and also point the right people towards you.

What 4FIS does


Project Kruhy (Circles) helps first-year bachelor students to get through the first year of their studies. We have all gone through tough times while making the leap from high school to university. That is why we – older students – help our younger fellows and give them valuable advice.

Education beyond curriculum

Even though university lecturers strive to cover as many topics as they can, there is always room for us to learn more. For this reason, we organize workshops and lectures, where students learn about whatever they are interested in – all from experts from well-established companies.

Leisure activities

University life is not just about studying. Sometimes a student needs to relax and enjoy free time together with their fellow students. We provide many opportunities for this as we regularly organize pub quizzes, LAN parties, concerts, and many other events.

Become our partner

Are you interested in what we do, and would you like to become our partner? Feel free to contact us.