Kruhy (Circles)

Project Kruhy (Circles) began in 2017. Its main idea is to create an environment, where first-year bachelor students can easily get to know each other, create new friendships with people they will not only study but also spend their free time with.

There are around ten people in each group (each circle). Every group is assigned a guide – an older student, who will guide them through their first semester at the university. The guide provides younger students with advice concerning their studies at the university, life in Prague and a lot more.

We simply want to make the first-year students feel at home at our faculty.

Why join Kruhy


Did all your friends get accepted to different universities than you did? No worries, as part of a kruh (circle) you get to know new friends – your classmates, who will accompany you during your studies.

Tips and tricks

As part of a kruh (circle) you receive a guide. The guide is an older student from the same field of study as you. He or she will help you with everything you need to know about your studies, life in Prague and much more.

More likely to successfully finish your studies

One option of getting advice or study materials is asking your guide. However, don’t forget that you now have plenty of friends, who can share knowledge, experience, or materials with you (or you can share it with them). Studies are much easier this way, trust us!

Our guides

Viki Applied informatics
Váša Applied informatics
Tomíno Applied informatics
Honza Applied informatics
Šárka Applied informatics
Karel Applied informatics
Kryštof Applied informatics
Míla Information media and services
Tom Multimedia in business
Joffrey Multimedia in business