Video manuals


Coming to a new environment is exciting, but it goes hand in hand with stress from the unknown. And to bring it closer to you and help you, we have created video manuals for you.

It doesn’t matter if you came to the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics from high school, transferring from another college to a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. These video manuals will help you find your way around the university premises, the information system, but also in everything else regarding the teaching system at the University of Economics and Bussines. It works quite differently here than in high schools and other universities. We have tried to capture everything that might (or should) interest you.

So far, videos showing the areas of Jižní město and Žižkov have seen the light of day, but in the near future there will also be manuals for the credit system or InSIS. You can find all video manuals on the faculty’s website or directly on the 4FIS Youtube channel.